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If eye-catching and creative packaging design elements will attract customers for the first time, sustainability and product safety standards will be the long-term choice. Therefore, factors contributing to production for greening have become a new gobal consumption trend, especially in the post-COVID-19 context.


Currently, the preferred method of packaging development for manufactures is to use recycled materials instead of primary materials; convenient to use; compatible with local recycling, reuse, and disposal systems.

La Vie water bottles in 350ml sizes made from 50% rPET resins of Duy Tan Plastic Recycling

In addition, the researchers also made forecasts and growth rates of the packaging industry in the domestic and export pakaging markets. With a vision set to contribute to development of a circular economy that us extremely consistent with consumtion trends, DTR is confident to be ready to accept opportunities not only in the present but also in the future.

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