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Supply Chain Big23 is an event held on December 20, with the participation of hundreds of supply chain professionals and business leaders from many different fields.

Participating in the event, the company’s representative, Mr. Le Anh – Sustainability Director of DuyTan Recycling shared the vision and mission that the company is aiming for. Besides, he also introduced to the audience how DuyTan Plastic Recycling is operating as well as the next plans in the plastic recycling chain that the company plans to deploy in 2023.

DTR would like to congratulate CEL for organizing the extremely successful Supply Chain Big23 program. This is a suitable and prestigious place, helping to create a network of connections between groups of people interested in developing a sustainable economy. DuyTan Recycling is honored to have the opportunity to listen to contributions from leading professionals in the supply chain as well as successfully connect with partners, experts, and leaders from many different fields.
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