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Over the past time, Long An has implemented many solutions, propagated, mobilized, raised the awareness of people and businesses (DN), and called on the community to join hands to act, contributing to improving and protecting the environment (BVMT) in the area.

Join hands to protect the environment.

All levels and branches in the province uphold their responsibilities in environmental protection through practical actions and jobs such as propagating, mobilizing, and disseminating legal regulations; deploying and implementing models and good practices in environmental protection; and calling for the community to join hands in environmental protection in the area.

In Duc Hue district, the environment has continuously improved in recent years. The government, the Fatherland Front, associations, and unions at all levels organize propaganda and mobilize people to go to the army to clean the environment and build many models of environmental protection.

Many solutions exist to protect the environment.

The province is concerned with environmental protection work in production and business activities, focusing on leading and directing the implementation. In the process of operation, enterprises step by step uphold their roles and responsibilities, join hands, and contribute to local authorities to improve the environment in the area.

Mr. Le Anh – Sustainability Director of DUYTAN Plastic Recycling, shared: Accompanying the Prime Minister’s policy on management, reuse, recycling, treatment, and quality reduction for plastic waste, the company invested, built a plastic recycling plant, and put it into operation in Duc Hoa district with an area of 65,000 m2 and a total capacity of 100,000 tons per year. The factory supplies recycled plastic products to the domestic market, contributing to environmental protection, saving plastic waste materials, and creating jobs for local workers.

With modern production lines imported from Europe, the factory applies “bottle to bottle” recycling technology: each used plastic bottle will be recycled into plastic particles, creating a new plastic bottle loop. Help reduce the use of fossil fuels. In addition to ISO standards for management systems, the company’s products meet the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international certification from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). This is a testament to the quality of recycled plastic products that do not contain toxic substances, are safe for human health, and are suitable for manufacturing products that come into contact with food, including drinking water. The factory is being operated according to the “3 Zero Waste” criterion: no waste, no emissions, and no wastewater. Applying this criterion not only helps the company promote production without polluting the environment but also pays more attention to the reuse of energy sources in production. For green growth and sustainable development, the factory is investing in reusing 80% of its wastewater.

Deputy Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Nguyen Tan Thuan, shared: Over the past time, environmental protection work in the area has achieved certain results. The system of policies and laws on environmental protection is continuously reviewed, amended, and supplemented to suit the actual situation, creating a necessary legal corridor for state management. Many good and creative models of environmental protection work have been implemented, promoted effectively, created good effects, and spread in the community. Enterprises are interested in investing, building, and effectively operating exhaust gas and wastewater treatment systems according to approved environmental records; installing a continuous monitoring station for wastewater quality to control and gradually limit pollution, contributing to environmental protection;…

“In order to strengthen the work of environmental protection, the Department continues to coordinate with other departments, branches, localities, the Fatherland Front, associations, and mass organizations to regularly propagate and educate the law, raise awareness and responsibility for environmental protection, step up the prevention and control of pollution sources, conserve and sustainably develop biodiversity, and strengthen the socialization of environmental protection activities. At the same time, the Department advised and proposed to the Provincial People’s Committee a number of solutions to strengthen the entire management apparatus as well as the team working on environmental protection, improve professional capacity, fully equip physical and technical foundations, mobilize financial resources for environmental protection work, and enlist the support of central ministries, branches, and international organizations to implement environmental protection projects and biodiversity conservation projects in the province. In addition, the Department proposed to the Provincial People’s Committee that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the General Department of Environment continue to support the implementation of the program of garbage classification at households and provide financial support for the province to build wastewater treatment stations in urban areas such as Tan An city and Kien Tuong town,” Mr. Nguyen Tan Thuan added.

*Credit: Long An Online


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